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Here are a few of the resources:

  • Video Action Plan Template
  • Types of Videos Mapped to Sales Funnel PDF
  • Choosing Distribution Platforms – PDF
  • A/V Script Template
  • Storyboard Template
  • Shot List Template
  • Call Sheet Template
  • Cheatsheet: What to Wear On Video
  • and more!

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your resource library!
    • How to access your resources
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    PDF Resources
    • 8 Tips for Making Videos With Your Smartphone
    • 6 Steps to a Great Kickstarter Video
    • 12 Ways to Better Present Yourself On Camera
    • Adding Subtitles, CC to Youtube & Facebook
    • A/V Script Template
    • Call Sheet Template
    • Choosing Distribution Platforms
    • Shot List Template
    • 2016 Guide to Marketing Trends
    • 9 Steps On How to Shoot a Marketing Video
    • 9 Items Your Video Team Needs From You
    • Storyboard Template
    • Using Graphics for Engaging Marketing Videos
    • Types of Videos Mapped to the Sales Funnel
    • How to Choose Talent for Your Video
    • What to Expect at Your Video Shoot
    • Video Action Plan
    • What Makes a Good Training Video?
    • What to Wear on Video
    • What's the Difference Between Good & Bad Audio?
    • What's the Difference Between Good & Bad Lighting?
    • 7 Things NOT to Do When Making a Video
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